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Established in 1996, JICS is a pioneer in the internet industry, playing a key role in the promotion of international business and cultural exchange between Japan and other countries. Presently, JICS is involved in the translation, localization, production, marketing, and management of Japanese and English websites and other media for business, education and entertainment.

Over the years, JICS has supported home-based entrepreneurs, various sized businesses, educational institutions, government organizations, tourist attractions, theme parks, hotels, marketing agencies, app developers, manufacturers, YouTubers, artists, bands, record labels, and other business, cultural, sports and entertainment groups and individuals with an interest or need to communicate and transact in Japanese.


Japanese Translation, Localization & Production

JICS offers accurate, natural and high-quality English to Japanese translation in a wide variety of fields such as business, marketing, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical, sports, entertainment, tourism, and education.

Localization means taking a product or service and adapting it for a foreign market or user. Translation and copywriting are a part of the localization process. JICS provides award-winning digital design, editing and production of Japanese and English print and online content.


Many of our projects involve the production of Japanese digital and print media, such as PDF’s for download or print, subtitles for videos, landing pages, websites, packaging, and advertising. We develop, produce and manage our own projects as well as those for select clients around the world.

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