Digital Media & Marketing for International Business
and Cultural Exchange with Japan


Established in 1996, JICS (originally Japan Internet Communications Service Inc.) is an award-winning pioneer in the IT and multimedia industry, playing a key role in the promotion of international business and cultural exchange with Japan. Today, JICS specializes in the development, production, marketing, and management of Japanese and English digital media and applications for business, education and entertainment.

* In addition to winning the Adobe Web Award, our work has been featured in Japanese magazines Nikkei BP and Wired Japan.


Our goal is to promote and support international business and cultural exchange with Japan through digital media.


We develop and operate several online applications and platforms in Japanese and English for business and cultural exchange. Some examples are below.

QR Code API and Online Generator

Online Music Promotion Platform

Japan Music Marketing

Music Marketing Education and Resources

Pray for Japan

Music Industry Info, News, PR Delivery Platform